Sunday, 18 August 2013

Shonen Knife BBQ party and food song set

It's always nice just to be able to leave the haus really but yesterday I went to the Windmill in Brixton with Jo n Rachael and Dominic n Jay to see Shonen Knife. In many ways it was just a regular BBQ party but in some notable yet discreet ways it was basically the best BBQ party in the world evah. And the show was ace too of course.

When we reconstruct the NHS in our own image, in around 20 years time or however long it takes, we should consider having a series of small shows with Shonen Knife every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and have admission available on prescription. Woo woo, just imagine! See all the misery evaporate from the mean streets of Merrie Englande, build Jerusalem and so on and so forth.

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