Thursday, 22 August 2013


I think this project is over now. Thanks for dropping by.

If you are minded then please find some links below to other projects:

Aladdin Sainsburys (short video)
Belle's Literary Salon (for cool people)
Books for all ages (short video)
City of London Anti-Apartheid Group 1986–1990 (slight return)
Flow (short video)
Follow the Truth — Earth Culture (music video)
Girlfriend in a Kimono (everything there is to say)
My Tsunami of Euphoria: So-Called Work 1995–2012 (book)
OMG — There's A Ghost In My House — For Real (short video)
Penny Rimbaud: The Boom Stays in the Picture (in development)
Red Crayon Faction (the series)
Red Crayon Faction (article by Nina Antonia)

With shopping for everybody and further delights here

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  1. Au Revoir Les Enfants Terrible xx