Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Red Crayon Faction postcards — Fine Dining

Too much horsemeat in your diet? Feeling down in the dumps with the multi-misery of the Liberal-Fascist Coalition? Why not fly with the eagles with this super-soaraway yet robust Fine Dining in the Liberal-Fascist Complex postcard. Take your desires for reality here.

Ten A6 postcards in a red and white candystripe bag that includes portraits of Jean Seberg, Malcolm McLaren, George Orwell, Ulrike Meinhof, Leila Khaled, Penny Rimbaud and Johnny Thunders as well as a “group shot” and two bonus cards: We’re Getting There + Fine Dining in the Liberal-Fascist Complex. 10% from every sale goes directly to the Dial House Foundation, a centre for the radical arts.

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