Friday, 10 May 2013

True facts about the Chameleon


  1. Are you paying Will Ferrell royalties for your past few days gigs?

  2. No. But you are correct that I have been quite idle here for a week. And that ends today.

    I have heard of Will Ferrell but I had no idea who he is and suspected that I wouldn't much care for him so I just looked him up on Wikipedia and was pleased to discover that I have thus far failed to see any of the films listed in his filmography.

    The voiceover in the True Facts series is by someone called Zefrank, although I think that is probably not the name with which he was baptised. It is my belief that he is however chanelling Morgan Freeman in his voiceovers.

    It's nice to hear from you me auld china, me auld bamboo.

  3. I think it's Will Ferrell doing that there voice my lovely.
    And if you haven't seen Anchorman, then you really should.
    It gave me a reason to live. Again.

  4. It's not Will Ferrell, honest lady. But I will make a mental note to watch Anchorman at some point, so as to better understand this thing with young people and also that I might find a reason to live again.