Saturday, 25 May 2013

Catching up with consensus reality

It's a funny auld world. I've spent the last few weeks not really being plugged into the Matrix, not really reading newspapers, mostly disconnected from (anti-)social media and it's been really great. It's been productive, I've managed to get some stuff done and in many ways it's been a bit like a holiday, truly, shits n giggles all round. But I've just dipped back in to all that and all that is not at all well.

Bailiffs' letters have started arriving and the first Bedroom Tax evictions are due to start any day now. There's some skinny on that right here.

And early on Thursday morning in Redbridge, East London, the police co-ordinated raids on the homeless, arresting people, confiscating sleeping bags and food parcels. You can read that grotesque story here.

But it was nice to see a piece in the Guardian about how Goldman Sachs have raked in multi-billions from speculating on food prices, gambling on whether or not people starve to death, and how that speculation itself causes people to starve to death. It's comforting too that Goldman Sachs' Mark Carney will be taking over as Governor of the Bank of England in the summer. You can read the food speculation piece here.

On Wednesday Mark McGowan, the artist Taxi Driver, pushed his pig from Downing Steet to the Bank of England. Unfortunately Belle and I were unable to join the event this time but there is a quite excellent piece about it here which manages to tie up all these different strands much better than I can.

And finally here's Mark talking about some of that himself:

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