Thursday, 16 May 2013

Alt Musique, a sort of postscript then

Word has reached the Eagles of Euphoria here at Tsunami Towers that Public Enemy are feeling a little bit antsy about some of the conclusions concerning Alt Musique a couple of days ago, in which you may recall a sort of compromise was reached, namely that the Ramones were far and away the greatest band in evolutionary history thus far with Shonen Knife placed second and Public Enemy third in a sort of fragile, volatile quasi-consensus.

Anyway we received the following communiqué from Chuck and Flav via their spokesperson who identified herself only as Sheebee:

Yo, we gonna bum rush dat show
Public Enemy Number 1 in New York
Public Enemy Number 1 in Philly
Public Enemy Number 1 in DC
Public Enemy Number 1 in Kingston, Ohio
Public Enemy Number 1 in Nottingham
Public Enemy Number 1 in Gipsy Hill...
Public Enemy Number 1 in Beijing too!

So in the full spirit of righteous harmony we declare a tie of sorts. Everyone's a winner.

Source: Sister Sheebs, with some additional facts from Robby Brown


  1. That was your greatest blog post yet.
    Worth the two year wait.
    My most heartfelt congratulations and may I also take this opportunity to tell you, you have excellent taste!
    PS. Except about Shonen Knife, of course.

  2. In the spirit of internationalism the Eagles of Euphoria accept your loaded praise. Although we also note semi-privately that there have been many, many excellent posts in this establishment, all of which obviously come joint first for that accolade, something for everyone and everyone's a winner after all.


  3. Billy Ray Jesus15 June 2013 at 14:35

    This journey started off comfortably as most do. Then it got a bit wobbly with some friction around the Pastels and other contentious issues. Then the Ramones and PE came into play and all else was submerged. It was a great relief. Rather like taking the the last tube to your suburban home after 5 pints and realizing halfway through that 40 minute journey you are desperate to pee. But you can't. And you cannot leave the tube as you will be stranded. And each jolt of the train slowly becomes more and more painful. When you reach your destination and hobble to the nearest peeing place and let rip the all encompassing relief is deeply spiritual. Yeah, that's what this is like.