Monday, 22 April 2013

The Iconoclast's Guide To Music

The Iconoclast's Guide to Music by Steve Jelbert is currently keeping us young-looking and fully moisturised over here at Belle's Literary Salon (for cool people). In hardback and with lots of lovely Molesworth-style illustrations it's only a tenner from your local independent bookshop or, if you prefer, a niner from they shitbags at Amazon. An absolute treasure and a total joy to read which should appeal both to weak-minded self-proclaimed lovers of musique as much as to hardcore haters like me. Also the cover illustration matches my new shirt a bit.


  1. You can afford to buy new shirts?
    Well, good news that austerity has not hit the Sacrois household too hard then....

  2. New, newish. It was sponsored basically. True story.