Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In praise of Eugène Delacroix (1798—1863)

«Delacroix was passionately in love with passion, and coldly determined to seek the means of expressing it in the most visible way. In this duality of nature — let us observe in passing — we find the two signs which mark the most substantial geniuses — extreme geniuses who are scarce made to please those timorous, easily-satisfied souls who find sufficient nourishment in flabby, soft and imperfect works. An immense passion, reinforced with a formidable will — such was the man... Eugène Delacroix was a curious mixture of scepticism, politeness, dandyism, burning determination, craftiness, despotism, and finally a sort of personal kindness and tempered warmth which always accompanies genius... Eugène Delacroix never lost the traces of his revolutionary origin»
Charles Baudelaire

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