Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Another grand larceny

Francis Maude, Dunky Shittington Smythe, Dave Cameron, Tony the Pony Blair and all these parliamentary creeps cannot really expect to have it both ways. If they are genuinely bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the volume of public hatred of Thatcher then it is surely genuinely inappropriate to spend millions of pounds of public money on the tax-dodging, arms-dealing, apartheid-conniving, coup-organising, community-destroying, pinochet-loving, paedophile-enabling greedy vile auld pig. In the basic 2+2=4 sort of arena it just doesn't make sense.

Upper pic, model: Lord Biro from the Elvis Loves Pets Party. Source: Sister Helen Sheebeegb. Lower pic, source: CNN or somesuch 


  1. Last evening, me and the wee one was watching Billy Elliot.
    During one scene in Billy's kitchen, the radio is on in the background with the newscaster announcing that 'Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has described the striking miners as 'the enemy within''.
    People who were fighting for their jobs, their livelihoods, their families and their communities.
    I remember that happening really clearly and it's all you ever need to know about that bitch.
    Nowadays, working class people are classified as workshy. In dem days, 'the enemy within'.
    I'm glad she's dead but I'm fucking pissed off my taxes have paid for Jeremy Clarkson to stand around stuffing his fat rubbery face with vol-au-vents whilst staring at Samantha Cameron's tits.

  2. hi sister sheebs, i will call you later, there is stuff to talk aboot x x x