Wednesday, 6 March 2013

¡ ★ V I V A ★ E L ★ P R E S I D E N T E ★ !

RIP Hugo Chavez. A giant, a saint, a majestic friend to the dispossessed. May God bless you and your huge great swinging pendulous cojones of steel, sir.


  1. Adios Presidente.
    Que los cojones tuyos fueron tan grandes como los del Simon Bolivar.
    El mundo ha perdido un gigante.

    PS. If that twat Boris hadn't got in, you Londoners would have been enjoying cheap Venezuelan fuel throughout the bitter British winters...

  2. Amen Sister Sheebs, amen.

    Ricky Martin livin' the vida loca? Oh I don't think so. Hugo Chavez livin' the vida loca... Yes sir!