Monday, 25 March 2013

Rachael House's world-famous Feminist Disco

I was a bit thrilled to bits to go and see my auld pal Rachael's show at Stratford Circus a few days ago. She is so  H O T  right now and it was a lot of fun to get jiggy at the Feminist Disco early in the morning with Rachael and Patti Smith, Poly Styrene and Joan Jett. I love Rachael's art because it is basically totally ace as both process and finished piece and it comes from all the good places, which is to say her own brand of anarcha-socialism, punque roque, all her multiple kindnesses and also her funny bone of course. And perhaps it goes without saying that I agree implicitly and explicitly with all the ideas expressed in her work.

The show is called A Space of Potential and they've covered two floors with all her lovely stuffs. It's not just the Feminist Disco, although that's maybe my favourite part, but there's also her fabulous trophy dog head sculptures and banners from the Peckham Pet-Tastic events and more too. Rachael is the Rock & Roll Pearly Queen of Semiotic Register and her show is completely brill.

And you can go feminist disco-dancing every day 'till 3 May. Woo woo!

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