Saturday, 23 February 2013

Iain Dunky Shittington Smith, again

It seems like it never ends with Iain Duncan Smith. It was reported yesterday that the House of Commons public accounts committee has found him not fit for purpose and recommended 40 years in the gulag by way of remedy.

And here's Lawd Dunkington having a lovely conversation with James O'Brien on LBC a couple of days ago.

And lastly (for now), please enjoy this short clip from Another Angry Voice in which Dunks, a notorious consumer of £39 taxpayer-funded breakfasts maintains: "She was paid [£71 a week to stack shelves for a huge, grievous, profiteering multi-million pound company and give up the voluntary work, relevant to her degree, that she had been doing for a local museum after being lied to and cajoled by the jobcentre] by the taxpayer to do this". What a dirty rotter.

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