Wednesday, 23 January 2013

You should always keep in touch with your friends

So I was in town and I never go in to town and I had this emergency belt situation so I went into Top Shop. And I never go into Top Shop. This was late on Monday afternoon, evening really. And I felt slightly self-conscious about being too auld for the place but I was wearing Warwick's red woolly hat which really helped with that. And so I was trying on a belt when the in-store corporate DJ shuffled up The Wedding Present's You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends and I was sort of transported into one of those instant really ace existential reveries. I didn't recognise the next record but it sounded really horrible, like Dinosaur Jr doing Bob Dylan or something and it was all over, it was back to the existential dredd. Anyway, for a moment there I never felt so auld.

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