Saturday, 26 January 2013

RIP Mackerel

Our dear friend Mackerel has been gone a week now. He was ten years auld, nearly. Goodbye dear fellow.

Stuff people said

Best cat ever. Fact.

He was a leader and a pacifist. He was prize-winning in size and had a patience with other animals and children alike.

He was the king of all cats for which I credit both his fabulous nature and also the way his mummy brought him up.


  1. A fitting tribute, thank you. Lovely to see those extra photos too - especially as that can only be Jeffrey in the penultimate one. We certainly don't have many of that fly-by-night.
    A light went out in the world today, they took my king of cats away...

  2. I've forgotten why "Jeffrey"? Pictures 1-4 are by SMT, 5 & 6 are by CL(T) and 7 is by PDT.

  3. Oh Jeffrey. Right you are. Mi scusi.

  4. Did you name that cat after me?
    I'm touched.
    How sad that he is gone.

  5. The name is just one of those awesome coincidences. I think it was to do with when he was very tiny the patterns in his fur looked like the patterns you see on a mackerel