Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gail Thackray / Today Is Ass Wednesday

Gorgeous Gail Thackray, Page Three Girl turned TV star


  1. Hi, I was wondering if Gail Thackray the actress shown here is perhaps the same Gail Thackray involved with Spiritual Healing and john of god stuff. Their photos look alike.

  2. Dunno, dunno. Who would know? Nobody really knows. Except for (one or both) Gail/s of course. And God. And John of God most likely.

  3. Yep...same woman. I've been to some of her workshops. She's a fake medium. I believe in John of God and his work because I've witnessed it first hand...but she just piggy backs off of him and claims to be a healer herself which is ...well unproven