Saturday, 1 December 2012

Barry Rotter Studios

What a lot of birthdays there are in November. All the best people are Sagittariuses. One of them is Belle of course who was eight years auld last week. She wanted to go to the Harry Potter Studios so we went. It was pretty awesome, but quite expensive mind.


  1. Very nice day out, by all accounts.
    I think Belle might have been born in November to remind you of how horrid you usually are to Sagitarrie-i and to make you repent.
    Incidentally, how many HP books/films has Belle read/seen?
    Don't they get quite scary quite early on?

  2. Don't be daft. I have been aware of the magic of Sagittariuses for many years. All the best people are Sagittarius. I am not just paying lip service here. It is a fact

    She has seen all the films and read some of the books and has joined a Harry Potter website too. The later films are 12s i think but we watched them with her and were ready to pause or switch off if she got scared but she didn't. The one where Dumbledore dies was very sad and tears were streaming down her face. It was quite humbling, if that's the right word

  3. Maybe I should be a bit braver with Charlie then. I've only let him watch the first two films. Basically stopped before we got to the Dementors.
    I won't inflict the books on him mind.
    After the third one, they're shit.
    In fact, when reading them to Alfie, he announced on the sixth book, 'Can we just stop now, this is really boring?'.
    Charlie and I are reading The Hobbit at the moment, in preparation. I'd forgotten how much faffing about dwarves do...

  4. Yeh, I haven't read the books although I have made a note to self to read them one day. Belle started reading them. I think she read the first two and a half but then she sort of put them to one side. She's moved on. Currently she's reading His Dark Materials i think, alongside a couple of ace comic books, one about a girl called Hilda, another about Hairy Mary. She loves Hairy Mary and likes to do lots of different voices for it.