Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Liberal-Fascist Complex

How long has it been, are we really more than two years into this Liberal-Fascist coalition? And the Liberals are still there propping up this savagery like it ain't no thing. What is that about? Have they not noticed what they're involved with here? Are they not concerned about all this multi-death at the hands of ATOS and Iain Duncan Smith? This transfer of public money into private pockets at the hands of Wee Georgie Osborne and Dave Cameron and the sordid twisted foreign policy gestures of the well-known paedophile enabler William Hague?

What on earth goes on at their meetings?

Clegg: Vince, what are the current ATOS death-rate figures?
Cable: Well Nick, it looks like they're down slightly on the last quarter
Clegg: Oh goodie! I knew we were doing the right thing

Is this barbarism now official Liberal-Democrat policy?

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