Saturday, 13 October 2012

SPK — Turn Illness into a Weapon

SPK — Turn Illness into a Weapon by Dr Wolfgang Huber, Jean-Paul Sartre et al

The Socialist Patients' Collective were radical but they were also a bit unhinged. They started as a small anti-psychiatry group at the University of Heidelberg in 1970 but within a few years had become the second/third waves of the Red Army Faction.

And they said, "Capitalism is making us sick. Let's use our sickness against this sick society!" Now who could disagree with that?


  1. Thanks for mention SPK and for got the SPK - Turn Illness into a weapon, but the other claims are falsehoods thus gossips. For true information about SPK:

  2. Thank you for your post which at first sight looked like spam but actually is not. Forgive my shorthand above, it's very rare that i go into detail about anything, preferring to post just a picture/s and a short paragraph. I will look at your site when i have a bit of time. Meanwhile, yes, i have noticed in the fairly recent period that there has been an attempt to rebrand the SPK as not having been part of the RAF. I'm not sure quite what to make of that.. yet. In the meantime i'm going with the conventional wisdom on the subject.

  3. If SPK was ever rebranded it was on illness each time and on nothing else. You can compare it with the last published book by SPK, Huber.

  4. Thank you. I will reply properly in a couple of days probably. Suddenly I have too much work for some reason...

  5. Looks like a good book. I would like to read it at some point. Thanks.

  6. You may read the text in electronic version here:

  7. Thank you. I will read it I promise but I am under the guns here for the time being with too much work and all the usual existential malaise. But is the link really to the second SPK book? I ask because it doesn't look like a book, it looks like some annotated correspondance and it is not clear where to begin with it. Also i am curious who you are since you always sign in anonymously. Is your site?

  8. Yes, it is the last (but so far from being the second*) book published by KRRIM (Editorial FOR Illness which is part of the Patient's Front / Socialist Patients Collective).

    Yes, this book is also a LONG LETTER (from Huber/SPK to an American author) also available in audio cassetes, compare: and

    You have not asked but there is also a book written even more recently while published before the LONG LETTER/SPK Indeed, which goes about the history of the Patients' Front:

    For the rest: is the site of PF/SPK(H)

    *Here a bibliography of published texts/books by PF/SPK in english:

    *The list is of course larger if one add the texts published in German, Spanish, etc. compare: