Monday, 22 October 2012

RIP Andy Gardner

RIP Andrew Privett, or Andy Gardner as I knew him 25 years ago. I heard the news from Helen about an hour ago. It happened yesterday apparently, very suddenly and unexpectedly, just 47 years old. Go easy Andy, there were many times you made me laugh uncontrollably, hysterics even.

I had a court case with Andy in mid-87. We were charged with noise pollution and some minor public order thing I think. I think I remember that Nicki was our only witness. Anyway Andy was the noisy one, not me, and we were happily acquitted on all charges of course.

The picture dates from Summer 1986. Andy is holding the right side of the banner, a full head of hair and moustache, I am holding the left side, also with a full head of hair and a jaunty cap. We had chalked on the pavement outside the South African embassy all night without any interference from the Met but at around 7am they decided to have our artwork blasted from the pavement and we were obliged to move right next to the embassy's balustrade. I think this was the only time that happened.

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