Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mr C around town, part XXII

Mr C has been revisiting bonnie Scotland, land of the brave, home of the free. As you can see, he's by the Forth Bridge, looking majestic in his sensible raincoat and enjoying the terrific son et lumière put on by his auld china plate Murray Ramone. Says Murray, "It took hours for the right type of cloud to apear in the sky to reflect correctly but Mr C felt it was worth the wait in gold." Quite right of course, especially since as we know by now, Mr C loves going for gold. Photo courtesy Murray Ramone Archive.

And ah Paris! Monsieur C adores Paris, his very favourite home away from home. Mr C got a bit lost among the boulevardiers of these narrow streets but under the illumination of a silvery moon he was able to switch on and off the lights of the Tour Eiffel at will. Here we see the lights in the on position of course. Photo courtesy Catherine Le Conan Archive.

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