Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mr C around town, part XXI (re-arming in the Shetlands)

Mr C has made it to the end of the Internet. Shetland's motto, the Icelandic phrase "með lögum skal land byggja" is also the motto of the Icelandic police. A literal translation: "With law shall land be built." Equally, in view of the clearances that took place here as throughout Scotland: "með lögum skal land vera stolið." Mr C in Shetland series courtesy Marc Barry Archive, September 2012

Blue Geo from Aith Ness, Bressay

Bressay's 6-inch WWI 'North Gun'. Installed in the closing months of the war to defend the northern approach to Lerwick Harbour. Never fired in anger. Bressay boasts a similar 'South Gun' that protected the southern approach but Mr C said he couldn't be arsed

Odd cubby-hole, one of two either side of entrance to gun platform, Aith Ness, Bressay


Laboured point

HW-Mill Grind-stone

Clickimin Broch. The Olympic matchstick passed here just a few milliseconds earlier

Bronze age hovelry at Clickimin Broch

Mr C has had enough of Clikimin Broch

Mr C adjourns to the local big-pharma big-money mini-mall to stock up on LOCOG-sanctioned comestibles

The Olympischeiße procession passed Lerwick Town Hall a bit earlier. We don't know if local dignitaries met n gret at that time but there was no rush of potentates to welcome Mr C and Mr B

A visit to the local constabulary

Local outpost of the Ministry of Truth

Mr C, Cow, Sheep, 2 lochs, hills, grass, Bressay, Shetland

Bressay Lighthouse. Built 1856-1858, designed by brothers David and Thomas Stevenson and operational continuously from 1858 to 12 September 2012. Thomas Stevenson was the father of writer Robert Louis Stevenson, whose failure to take up engineering "caused [Thomas] much disappointment". High winds caused Mr C to crumple a bit

Bressay Lighthouse and buildings. The five red cylinders once held compressed air to power the (now absent) foghorn

Bressay Lighthouse from the lower flanks of the Ord

The abandoned (during late C19th) settlement of Grimsetter, Bressay

Mr C mistakes a built-in cupboard for a vacant shrine

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