Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mr C around town, part XIII

Nelly, drummer for the Lurkers, fully endorses Mr C and all associated c-stuff. Says Mr C: "Hanging out with the lads from the Lurkers was top dollar, I had the best time. I’m paying for it now of course, in spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts." Shine on, Mr C, and get some rest, this tour is far from over. Photos courtesy Johnny Parkerrek Archive

Mr C loves a good knees-up. Steve Racket, guitarist for the Lurkers, demonstrates a sort of Hegelian-Faustian take on the auld J Geils Band favourite in which, of course, Mr C’s blood ran cold when he found out his asshole was in the centrefold. Have another drink, Mr C, and all. will be well

This may be both the cutest and most literary picture of Mr C’s meetngreet tour so far, in which our good friend Murray Ramone, executive creative director of the world-famouse Shock And Awe management consultancy arrives at a sort of total agreement with some of Mr C’s high-faluting conceptual stuffs

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