Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mr C (new book)

Mr C is due out on 20 July 2012, just in time for the Olympischeiße.

It's a slim volume and an object of rare beauty of course but it's a bit sweary so if that sort of thing upsets you then maybe please click elsewhere or close this window now.

Mates rate of only £5 (+p&p) until Oscar™-winning Danny Boyle's rich and pungent Isles of Wonder opens the hellfest on Friday 27 July.

Printed on their double-drum Risograph by Hato Press, the first edition is limited to 150 numbered copies. There is only likely to be one edition for several reasons.

20+4pp on 115/250gsm uncoated Cyclus Offset
140mm wide by 127mm deep
2-colour inner and outer covers, mono inner pages
RRP £6

Available from these places
Active Distribution
The Bookseller Crow (nice write-up here)
Space Station 65

Added benefits of Mr Cunty in London 2012
* Perfect for casual placement on your Noguchi coffee table
* Impress corporate clients with the fantastic gift of literature
* A fabulous souvenir of London 2012 for almost every member of the family
* If you are a dentist or a GP consider leaving a copy in your waiting room to cheer everybody up

Stuff people said
A perfect read while eating Maltese flatbread (lovingly made by some blokes in a factory in Leighton Buzzard) in an East German fusion restaurant in fashionable Stratford
Tony Barber [Buzzcocks, Lack of Knowledge]

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