Monday, 25 June 2012

State of the Nation

Dave Cameron is a nob. Cleggy is a nob. Ed Moribund is a nob. Wee Georgie Osborne is a nob. Blair is a nob. Hazel Blears is a nob. Gerald Kaufman is a nob. Tony Benn is a nob. The Haus of Commons are nobs. The Haus of Lawds are nobs. The entire political class are nobs. They spent years accumulating duck castles, big fuck-off plasma screens and midnight snacks at our expense and then got all in a tizz about making their larceny public. Now Dave wants to cancel hausing benefit for the under-25s. Dave is a nob. The Queen is a nob. The Jubilee is a nob. The Olympics is a nob. Danny Boyle is a nob. These parasites are all nobs.


  1. Wot is it what they say in the Haus of Knöpfes? "Hören Sie hört". Indeed, well sed auld bean, but don't forget, Gove, Lansley, Dumkopf-Smith, Harmon, Burcow, Hughes (definitely Hughes) and many, many more are too knöpfes... Oh yes, oh yes...

    Nice choon!

  2. Jeremy Hunt too, what a beastly hunt.

  3. Are you a nob too?