Wednesday, 4 January 2012

365 days and nights of sheer unlrelenting ecstasy

Happy birthday to us!

Here are a few stats:

There have been 7937 unique page views
That's an average of 661 per month (not including me)
The very first post was See You on the Beach
The most popular post was Hunter-Gatherer Ass Wednesday
With 566 views, 479 of those are from Saudi Arabia
Even though Hunter-gatherer was a search-term only 22 times

Apart from the Ass Wednesday series, the most popular posts have been:

1. Billy Rath, Steve Dior & Jerome Alexandre
2. This Crippled Flesh — Penny Rimbaud
3. Johnny Thunders — Born to Lose: The Last Rock & Roll Movie
4. I ♥ the postman, part II
5. We Are The World — Hands Across Your Face (house band III)
6. Crap shops in Gipsy Hill, part IV

So then, see you on the beach, right?

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