Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Specials / More Specials

I went to see the Specials last night with my auld china plate Dan in Brixton. And in the Prince Albert we bumped into my other auld china plate Dave. It was brill to see them both and the Specials were really great with the lighting much improved since the last time. Do the lights matter that much? I don't know but it was pretty awesome lighting.

Dan maintains that the second Specials album is better than the first but I think he's being wilfully obtuse there, and besides I think me and the crowd and the band all together sort of proved him wrong. It was quite an expensive ticket and there were a lot of people. There were a number of skins too, most of whom, but not all, were really sort of auld. Also there were quite a few bald people. In the half-light of the crowd it was not always possible to tell one from the other. The Venn diagram of it is further fudged by the subset of bald auld skins. So much fleshy bonce in one big room.

It was pretty ace really. Thanks fellers.


  1. yer auld mate is right, of course.
    More Spesh is the best Spesh.

  2. Okay, I can see that you and Dan may represent a significant minority. But a minority nonetheless. In other news I saw Amandla Kitson tonight, among others, it was really good to see her. She asked after you. I tauld her everything of course.... x

  3. Not a minority, no.
    But if we are, then viva us, I say.
    This song has always reminded me of you:


    Love you me dooks.

  4. Nice one, yes of course Pearl's Caff is an honourable exception there my pretty xxxxxxx