Friday, 18 November 2011

New limited edition Dee Dee Ramone print

On 24 October 1997 Dee Dee launched his autobiography Poison Heart (US title Lobotomy) with an acoustic set in the basement beneath the Helter Skelter bookshop, Denmark Street, London. It was a tiny yet super-exhilarating show and the photographs were shot on grainy, very high-speed 35mm film with available light.

12" by 16" (includes 1 inch border) black and white digital C-type Fuji matt print. Limited to 50 prints, each one hand-stamped, signed and numbered.

This edition is released to coincide with the Exitstencil Press residency (see previous post) at the Underground Gallery from 21 November to 5 December 2011 and is available for £40 here or from the gallery itself (for the duration of the Exitstencil show).

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