Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Diego's Discourse


Physicists are mystics armed with facts. There are no paths, only footprints. We are not who we believe ourselves to be, not even an approximation. We are the incomplete shadow of our experience, nothing but our own realisations. Beneath the great canopy of 'being' we are unable to exist. The present is a recent memory of the past. Ours is not the effect, but the cause. Ideas are by nature oppositional. Actions should be judged not by result, but by intent. Anger is the ugly face of extreme sentimentality. Define a line and the line will define you. Every story is greater than its teller. It is not language, but culture which determines understanding. The difference between a polymath and a dilettante is that the former went to Oxbridge. Never pricktease genius. Literacy is a culture of infantilism. The future wears nappies. Social justice is the elastoplast of injured souls. Blame is the monologue of victimhood. Insanity is an expression not a state. Assimilation is the illusion of integration. Wisdom grows young, for true wisdom is origin. It happens because it had to, there really is no other reality. Death is the only fact of our lives which is not polluted by self-interest.

The above text by Penny Rimbaud originally appeared as a run of 300 letterpress printed (by the gangmasters at Bracketpress) bookmarks and tipped into copies of the first edition of My Tsunami of Euphoria, published by Exitstencil Press, September 2011

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