Thursday, 18 August 2011

Book etc


The kind folk at Exitstencil Press are publishing a book of my work next month. I don't mean to get carried away but it's true to say that it's very pretty. Penny Rimbaud and Lech Kowalski have kindly written the foreword and afterword. The first edition is limited to just 300 copies, hand-stamped and numbered.

ISBN 978-0-946381-03-6
64+4pp on 140/300gsm uncoated Cyclus Offset with tracing paper fly-leaves
138mm wide by 216mm deep, full colour throughout
RRP £12.50 but available for the mates' rate of £10 here until September

Beautiful, witty and gently subversive, I love it
Jim Fields [End of the Century]

Cool and exciting and, most importantly, vibrant with ideas and images that could sit happily in any gallery
Richard Jobson [The Skids, 16 Years of Alcohol]

Dominic made Raindance cool by having a clue and bringing all these interesting people together. His work is truly delightful. It almost makes me forget how much I loathe all things British
Steve Grasse [Bikini Bandits, Evil Empire]

Smart, stylish and fabulous. I hope Dominic continues to follow his darkest instincts to create this shimmering thing he does
Suzanne Ballantyne [Raindance Film Festival]

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