Friday, 24 June 2011

Workers of the world: Relax!

A sort of 10-point plan for the London Assembly along Situationish lines. Subject to consultation, of course.

1/. Mothball the Olympics. Convert what is possible into social housing, allow the rest to go to seed — soon to be picturesque ruins.

2/. Slash and cap wages for mayor and senior bureaucrats. Raise wages for lowest paid city workers. In the abstract this could be say around £40,000 at the very highest and around £20,000 at the lowest, on a sort of Ben & Jerry's model, then.

3/. Cut fares on public transport by around 50% wherever possible. Increase volume of trains and buses. Raise congestion charge on 4x4s and other off-road type vehicles to £100 a day. Reduce congestion charge to £5 a day for regular family-type cars. Rapid acceleration of phasing out the bendy bus.

4/. Repeal discriminatory legislation against the homeless in Westminster.

5/. Provide amenities, sanitation etc for the permanent peace protest in Parliament Square.

6/. Lots of stealth taxes on the City of London.

7/. Reinstate all Lollipop people and other council workers recently fired by councils implementing government cuts. Cancel all bonuses across all London councils. Find sustainable ways of reducing spending that do not inflict pain and misery across the capital. If that is not possible then just spend more, whatever it takes.

8–10/. TBA


  1. I like your manifesto. Put it to the test though.

  2. I can't help feeling disappointed in you Robin.

  3. "Disappointed" is the worst thing that anyone can feel about anyone.

    I have been drinking and thinking ....

    For the last centrury of so the "left" has served the interests of capital. The creation of organized labour and the welfare state served the interests of capital by creating a well organized and contented workforce. Now the existence of both those things is detrimental to the interests of capital they being done away with and the left has no power to prevent it. Even now the left is gravitating to causes (diversity, green issues) that are in the interests of capital - or at least not detrimental to them.

    Power has never been challenged in a serious way. But it looks like you are about to change all that. Get down with your bad self.

  4. I am feeling less disappointed now, thank you. Although i'm not totally sure about the tone of your last paragraph.... Did you read that piece about the Best Party in Rekyjavik? Did you not in some way feel uplifted by it? Absurdism is on the rise, and for that we should rejoice, non?

    Also i am beginning to see the work of KM a bit differently these days than say 20 years ago. No less relevant, but more as perhaps one of many strands that have identified the problem and looked for a cure. Beyond that the correct phrases and order of words escape me temporarily.

  5. I did read the Best Party piece and I was uplifted. So much so that I looked up their version of "Simply the Best" on youtube.

    Absurdism or death!

    No war but price war!

  6. I'd vote for that.
    Bring it on.

  7. I too am sharpening my pencil to place a cross on a bit of paper, which is what voting means - isn't it?

  8. Yes Sir I Will. Thanks chaps. Merci mille feuilles.