Monday, 13 June 2011

City of London Anti-Apartheid Group 1986–1990, part X

C-Moon has been back at his Amstrad this week and created a new piece entitled The Four Musketeers, a sort of factional thing before the big gig on Friday. I say sort of because of course it's not really factional at all. There are no factions in this biz we call Revolutionary Love.

I get to play the part of fatty Porthos for reasons which still elude me. Brother C-Moon has bagged himself the role of Athos on account of his Oliver Reed Complex. Brother Chopper is Dogtanian on account of his relative youth in all of this. And Sister SheeBeeGB is Aramis on account of being the fairest of the seasons. I have a feeling that the guy who played Aramis is the same actor who played Face in The A-Team back in the day but I'm not going to click through to the IMDb to fact-check.


  1. Ah now, you see, Aramis was played by Richard Chamberlain - the geezer who played Doctor Kildare in the 60s, the horrid architect in The Towering Inferno and the horny priest in The Thorn Birds. I seem to remember him playing Robespierre in something else as well and of course Tchaikovsky in Ken Russell's The Music Lovers - the film that Glenda Jackson got mauled by loads of loonies and had her clothes ripped off, just by way of a change.

    Sorry, too much information, see you Friday!

  2. I bloody knew it!
    Richard bloody Chamberlain...tsk.
    I thought I was Aramis because of my tremendous loyalty and devotion to my friends....n'est pas?
    How disappointing....

  3. That too Sister Sheebs, that too.