Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We Are The World — Hands Across Your Face (house band III)

Some of the guys got together this morning and decided to record a new charity download of Something To Believe In for RAMONE$ AID 2011. Belle designed a quick backdrop and hey-ho-whaddya-know the whole thing just came together (sorry Russell but I think they have your guys completely licked at this point)

This time it's Dee Dee's turn to fall in love by the soda machine. With Doraemon of all people

Joey is majestic, as usual, leading from the front, middle and back

Jam Master Jay and Run DMC are just glad that Aerosmith didn't show up

Doraemon is as happy as Larry. Actually it was Doraemon that put all this together. He sort of just pulled it out of his pocket and it unfolded like magic before you could say 1–2–3–4

Big Joey can't stop smiling. He's in heaven basically

Good auld dependable Doyle keeps everything "just as it should be"

Milk-chan is so excited to meet medium Joey. She hasn't stopped grinning since she got here

Johnny's just going through the motions really. He knows Daniel Rey will redo the guitar parts on his own when this thing is over anyway

Marky's multi-tasking. He's so smart that he's able to do his taxes in his head while tapping out the backbeat. Also he's glad he's got that pasta sauce racket going now and doesn't have to eat dogfood any more

After the shoot Johnny was sitting around eating Chicken Vindaloo and just looking for something to do tonight. Rumour is that he broke Milk-chan's arm because she looked too happy talking to rainbows with medium Joey but none of the witnesses will agree to talk to the cops right now


  1. I knew this would be Doraemon's doing.
    Everything that cat touches turns to gold.
    As we say in Spanish.....'tu siempre ganas,

  2. He is one cool cat, that guy. Straight from the fridge, Daddio!

  3. Das ist wunderbar.

  4. Doraemon's bookie, Buddha's taking loans. They both came up to New York with a strong sense of purpose.