Thursday, 10 March 2011

I ♥ the postman, part III

Turns out that good things do indeed come in threes. Today's beautiful object that arrived in the mail was kindly sent by Christian at Bracketpress and it is the letterpress-printed prospectus, demonstrated below by my unpaid apprentice, for a forthcoming book — E R Weiss: The Typography of an Artist — to be published by Incline Press who will manufacture only 250 copies.

Blurry photographs by me of course


  1. Pretty book, even prettier assistant

  2. This sort of books are among the nice, not very big things that make one's life beautiful! Great.
    Books are wonderful experiences - and I'm pretty sure they will become even more interesting now in the digital age..
    And artists and typographers like E R Weiss had a huge contribution to all this.