Friday, 11 February 2011

Russell, Amélie, Oli and Joe

Today is a palindrome innit — 11.02.2011 — which is probably lucky and auspicious in some places. But I sort of spent most of the day feeling quite tender and dozing on and off. Yesterday I met my up with my auld china plate Russell in Camden Town and it had been a while.

I first met Russell I think 22 summers ago at BBC Broadcasting House. This may sound pretentious (although it isn't sposed to be) but I was a sort of a semi-cosmopolitan, semi-proletarian autoslacker in the Sound Archives in those days, pushing my trolley of tapes down the corridors of power and Russell had some significant white-collar senior archivist position at the time. He appeared from the opposite end of this particular corridor saying something like "I'm swimming in a lake of shit" while doing the breast-stroke, "I'm drowning in a vat of crap..... " now drowning. "I'm middle class and nice" by now hanging from a noose behind the back of his neck "I'm nice. I'm nice. I'm nice." Of course it almost goes without saying that Russell is one of my favourite people of all time.

So we had eggs benedict and apple pie on Camden High Street and went to the market to get some bonkers sunglasses, a sort of annual tradition, necessitated in part by Doo Doo who last Spring obliged me to make last year's pair a gift to him.

And then we took a trip to The Museum of Everything — "Britain's first and only museum for the untrained, unknown and unintentional creators of our modern world" — in Primrose Hill which was pretty awesome. So far its exhibitions have been of outsider art, or Art Brut if you prefer. At the moment it's the last days of Exhibition 3, mostly carny stuff from the collection of Peter Blake. There's prolly a more grown-up way to describe it and it's coming down on Valentine's Day so if you haven't been yet then that's your window.

We ended up in The Spread Eagle on Parkway and sort of cancelled plans for the rest of the day. Amélie, Oli and Joe joined us later on. I love days like that. Although I'm paying for it now in spades.

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  1. What a great day! I almost feel as if I were there. The Spread Eagle brings back such nice memories, we would go there before attending gigs in the magnificent Dublin Castle... Ahhhhhhhhh