Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Persistent disobedience and incurable idleness"

I've very nearly finished volume 42 (the Smash the System issue) of The Idler, nearly two years since it was first published. It's really so very good and somehow sort of manages to confirm almost everything I thought to be true when I was 16/17. Next up is volume 41, the QI issue, which should be quite interesting. I'm looking forward to it.

Below: School, early 1983, and the army was having some sort of gymkhana war jamboree. Not the real army army of course but the pretend army army, made up of the teenage sons of the haute-bourgeoisie, the progeny of farmers, chartered accountants and that. I was expelled the next year for persistent disobedience and incurable idleness which I've always sort of read as being a bit like being expelled for being too happy or for looking at too many existentialist books or what have you. Photograph by Charlie Duggan

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