Sunday, 6 February 2011

Crap shops in Gipsy Hill — Crap shops all round the world

I think we've sort of maybe come to the end of our series now, it's been a juggernaut of course but the lessons learned are perhaps not too different from that which we knew at the outset:

1 The ruling class own the land. They carved it up a long, long time ago. And they kept it for themselves and guarded it for their progeny for centuries even unto centuries, it's theirs forever. In some places even the beaches are privately owned. That is to say that land which is not even land, where plants cannot grow and you cannot build on it, land that disappears into and reappears from the ocean, even that somehow belongs to these parasites

2 The trade-off for everybody else — middle or working class — is shopping. The tacit agreement we make at some point between birth and death is that in exchange for allowing this to perpetuate, in exchange for not being able to enjoy the land, we get to go shopping

3 It is our occasional treat from wage-slave bondage. It's a crap, empty and illusory experience. It's killing our planet too. Since the middle of the twentieth century, as production lines have got faster and faster, advertising men (and wimmin) have sold us more and more crap that we just don't need, much of it now swimming in a huge swirling vortex in the Pacific. Further, since the late twentieth century we have been able to buy this crap with money that doesn't even exist, and, if we are minded, we can spend the rest of our lives paying it off

4 Some shops are crapper than others

5 At least 50% of shops in Gipsy Hill make no pretence of being anything else

6 This is by no means peculiar or special to Gipsy Hill

7 Avanti, avanti populo! If we can be bothered of course

Below: Shopping, I Think I Love You (not taken in Gipsy Hill)


  1. I enjoyed your series very much and have been making mental notes to jot down some of the amazingly crap shops we have here in Nottingham. You are right of course about the shopping trade off.
    One question, why 'i' and not 'y'?

  2. You have to start the Nottingham Chapter of Crap Shops. It's your destiny, you are the one! For real.......

    And do you mean why is it Gipsy and not Gypsy? I don't know but i think it's an alternative spelling from a long time ago and it has maybe always been that way. One thing for certain is that there is no lucky white heather in these parts. It was all frittered away to build lucky crap shops n that