Thursday, 10 February 2011

Born to Lose

This was the first typeface I drew, designed and digitised, more than ten years ago. It was made for titling Lech Kowalski's Johnny Thunders biopic Born to Lose — The Last Rock & Roll Movie which, somehow along its ten-year journey had acquired maybe a dozen different titling fonts, some of which were burned in and impossible to remove. Later it was also used, uncorrected, for titling Hey Is Dee Dee Home (about Dee Dee Ramone). With the digitising I didn't exactly know what I was doing so it's slightly flawed of course, and while the letter-spacing is fine, the line-spacing and word-spacing need perpetual re-adjustment. Whatever. Below is the poster I did for screenings in London and Belfast at that time. The poster pre-dates the BTL typeface (if that even makes sense). The photograph of Johnny is by Marcia Resnick.


  1. I really like it a lot. It just looks like rock'n'roll for real - unlike the shit documentary on ITV1 last night called, "I was there the night the Beatles played the Cavern". This was a singly boring, inane, shitfull, pile of poop of monumental proportions. I knew it would be bad, but not that bad. Why do Scousers all have the ability to sound as though everything worth anything was invented in their City?