Monday, 31 January 2011

Crap shops in Gipsy Hill, part III

Less of a shop and perhaps more of a local derivatives/futures emporium for people living and dying on the cutting/bleeding edge of a living death. There's a William Hill, or something like it, in almost every neighbourhood of course. Still, it's occupying premises which could otherwise have been used to sell us more rubbish that we just don't need, and its financial model behaves more or less along the lines of daylight shoppery, but to the power of, let's say, ten, and fully designed to rob you of both what's left of your dignity and your last five pounds. No-one gets out of here alive.


  1. Oh, bins! Multi-coloured bins, I like multi-coloured bins. Bins for this, bins for that, bins for bins. Oooo, blue tiles on shop fascias; marvellous!

    I am inspired Dr Arigateau, may I join your church?